Next week I’m seeing a physiotherapist.

It’s preventative. I’d like to get official clearance for marathon training from a professional. It’s an added expense, but in my option a worthwhile one. I think I have found the perfect therapist.

Adelaide West Physiotherapy is one of the best in the city. Lisa, the therapist I will be seeing, is a triathlete who has run two marathons and competed in the Ironman USA in Lake Placid. She has a degree in Kinesiology and a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy. If anyone can understand my determination to run and help me get through this safely, it’s her.

I think the magnitude of the goal I have taken on is starting to set in my mind. I know this is going to be hard, but I also know that I wouldn’t be doing it otherwise. In this past month I feel like I have re-learned my entire body. For example, my right arm and leg are weaker than my left. Because of this, I have developed a tiny pronation on my right knee to compensate weight distribution during my training.

I think about my knees all the time. I can’t imagine a regular person thinking about their knees as much as I do. I wear shorts while training. I look at them in the mirror. I focus on keeping them straight. The thing is, while a subtly rolling knee would not be a big deal for regular exercise, in my case it could complicate my goals. I want to get to my first marathon injury-free. Because running is a sport plagued with injury, this could be challenging. Enter physiotherapist.

The truth is, I have already beaten the odds. A recent poll revealed that 66 percent of respondents had suffered an injury in 2009, and 60 percent reported chronic problems. The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research published a study in January 2010 about training injuries among triathletes. Out of all three sports, the one that produced the most injuries was – you guessed it – running.  The majority were knee injuries. However, other studies have suggested that running may actually help strengthen the joints.

Bottom line: nobody should take up running to protect their knees. But if you do run, prevention is everything.

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